Whole body health

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after exercising two men and a woman sit on the kerb recovering and socialising a good display of whole body health

In my own experience the common perception of what an Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP) does is prepare exercise programming. This is certainly a big part of an AEP’s skill set; however a common response of mine is, “An AEP can prepare the best, most clinically appropriate exercise program, but does it get done”. In situations when this is the case an AEP’s ‘softer’ skills become necessary, skills such as health education, support with lifestyle modification or behavioural change. I feel these skills represent a more ‘whole body’ approach to health and could include situations such as:

  • A person with Type II Diabetes who is a given an accessible explanation of blood glucose metabolism reinforcing the importance of regular physical activity.
  • The individual experiencing chronic pain who begins to grasp the concept of an ‘over sensitised’ nervous system and needs some guidance improving sleep and managing stress in an effort to better support their neurology.
  • For some a regular walk in the fresh air might be a good place to start increasing physical activity levels, with exercise programming playing a role once a habit is established.

Enter a quote I read recently that has been attributed to Joseph Pilates:

“Whole body health could be achieved through exercise, proper diet, good hygiene and sleeping habits, plenty of sunshine and fresh air and a balance in life of work, recreation, and relaxation.” (Pilates Method Alliance, 2005 p.19)

For me this quote summarised beautifully a lot of the non-exercise programming work I do with clients in an AEP setting and suggests Joe Pilates intentions went beyond just exercises and apparatus. This quote also left me asking the question, if someone does Pilates exercises but does not observe these other ideas, are they doing Pilates at all? (see me try to answer the question, what is Pilates here). I might have to explore this in another blog post some time.

Thanks for reading, Warwick..