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Pain Science: an introduction

‘Evolved Movement Health Practitioners understand pain.’


Do you understand Pain Science? and what it means for your clients experience of persistent pain…


One in five Australians will experience persistent pain in their lifetime and many Healthcare Professionals have little or no training on how to work with this population (Pain Australia, 2010. National Pain Strategy). Pain Science: an introduction  is a an online Professional Development course that has been developed for Health Practitioners of all backgrounds to help them build skills for working with clients experiencing persistent pain. Here’s how:

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Online workshops summarising Pain Science and the Biopsychosocial Model of healthcare allowing you the convenience to learn at times that are suitable for your schedule.

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We support you to develop professionally by reflecting on existing healthcare practice and identifying where newly acquired Pain Science knowledge can be applied.

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We provide a learning environment where you can think critically and apply Pain Science knowledge to develop healthcare practices that help your clients.

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Access to an online forum where you are encouraged to share what you have learned with your colleagues, as a group we can go further.

Here's Pain Science: an introduction

one - Pain Science

  1. Anatomy of pain

  2. Physiology of Pain

  3. Acute & Persistent pain

  4. Pain Science in health practice

  5. Develop healthcare practice, communicate the process of pain

two - develop Practice

  1. The Biopsychosocial Model of healthcare

  2. The Biopsychosocial Model of healthcare in practice

  3. Reflect on healthcare practice

  4. Develop healthcare practice, appraise Pain Science Literature

Pain Science: an introduction is for enlightened Healthcare Practitioners who want to grow professionally and begin developing holistic strategies for helping clients experiencing persistent pain. Course starting in 2020!

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“Movement Health is a certified guru-free zone, we’re not going to tell you how you should (and shouldn’t) practice. Our approach is to provide some knowledge as a foundation and support you to create something meaningful for your healthcare practice. You’re a professional and we respect that.”